Welcome to our Financial Department!

Financial Department1 - Les Automobiles H. De Castris

We offer 1st, 2nd and 3rd chance at credit

At Les Automobiles H. De Castris, all types of credit may qualify for an auto loan. No credit, no problem! We will work with you to secure a car loan that best suits your situation.  Les Automobiles H. De Castris has strong relationships with many large banks and financial institutions throughout Quebec and Canada. We are committed to finding you the perfect car loan to match your car financial needs. 

Car Loan Refinancing:

Low interest car loans are available for customers with existing loans. We can help you refinance your car loan or adjust the term of the contract. You're just a step away from approved car financing!

Financial Department1 - Les Automobiles H. De Castris


Quick Facts:

  • We work with many large banks and we offer loans ranging from 24 months to 96 months.  
  • 2nd and 3rd chance financing is available if you have had issues in the past with credit.
  • No matter what your situation, you can now re-establish your credit in under 24 months with the help of our loan specialists.
  • No situation is refused. We will find you the right loan to suit your needs at the best available rate on the market.

Financial Department1 - Les Automobiles H. De Castris

We can get you financing, even in the following situations:

  • If you have been late on payments
  • Divorce
  • Bankruptcy
  • If this is your first car loan
  • If you are self-employed
  • If you are retired
  • Illness
  • If you are a seasonal worker
  • If you have a low income

Our credit specialists are available at all times, and their goal is to get you a loan that suits your needs, at the best interest rate possible! Contact us today for more info.